Business Idea - 934

Business Idea – 934

Business Idea – 934

My business idea is “Reality Check.” I started the business in the summer of 2014 with my mom’s boyfriend, Chris. Chris and I were having an incredible summer vacation together in California after graduating top notch schools. We were both very excited about this idea and when our family and friends saw it, they were so thrilled. We were just super excited about it and started the business. Since then, we’ve been very successful over the last year. The first thing I started doing, was to ask my mom to send me the $250,000 to invest in my company. It was about five dollars a month, $100 a month, $100 a month, and then it went up from there. I’ve been working on the business for a while, I’m now able to do over 600 jobs, or $100,000 each year. I think that’s insane. You think money is just like making money, but then you realize that there are things we can do better. It’s just a little more difficult to make money, but it has to be worth the investment. This idea is so hard to say no, because our goal…

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