Business Idea - 932

Business Idea – 932

Business Idea – 932

BR>My business idea is for an app named Flurry. So you have four jobs in a single app. One for a month, one for a year. You can get paid a week on the job, get an additional week off. You need a team of five to have a decent experience. You hire them. You hire a team of three. You need two. And that’s it. But there are also other services you use like a calendar, a weather app, your home-owner’s tax returns, a job search and many other other services. But how do you get paid? In a traditional business, you just hire a manager and he or she will help with the company’s schedule and the rest is just for you. So you get paid a monthly salary, but once they have paid me they will be paid to help you with any other expenses or projects. You get to use their name or any other identifier that you would like. You are always on the lookout for the right people or people with the right skills.

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