Business Idea - 931

Business Idea – 931

Business Idea – 931

My business idea is get rich quick and be a professional at my next opportunity! This would mean I would make $60,000 and have a professional career. This would be my “make money” paycheck when I get to work and it would pay for everything my family and friends would have done in the last five years. I would make an extremely small hourly rate. By taking 10-20% of my paycheck, I would earn an exorbitant amount. I would be able to afford travel and utilities and make $100,000 per year that I could not get in the past with no food stamps. I would make $60,000 annually and have a professional career. However, not every college would accept my request and a few companies that did have good people accepted it, so there would be little interest in the program. I would be able to pay for my education without paying my tuition, which would just keep me sitting with no money. I would make money, but the program makes it very difficult to pay for tuition, which creates the need for more and…

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