Business Idea - 926

Business Idea – 926

Business Idea – 926

My business idea is for an app named Icons. Nowadays I like the name, and I thought it was a good idea. I think it’s a great idea and it’s great that you can open the app and you’re free to do whatever you want and you get to share your designs and you can share them. So I said to myself for a while, “Okay, now that you’re a designer you can put all those icons right into the app and it’s really quick and simple to create and share them on a social network. There’s a great idea there called Icons that you’re going to see in the next couple months and that’s what it’s gonna look like.” So I just wanted to have something different but I think that’s the best idea I’ve got. And then there’s two other ideas we’re gonna see, one of them is Icons that are based on a bunch of people sharing the same ideas as we’re trying to create and you’re only paying to put in a few icons, the other is Icons that are based on someone you’re able to collaborate on and you’re in touch with and…

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