Business Idea - 925

Business Idea – 925

Business Idea – 925

My business idea is for an app named Rango. Like most Android app developers, I have a certain ability to make something cool if I go back and do it myself. So with Rango, in addition to the basic concept of app icons, there are also many other useful apps, like photo galleries, a calendar, a calendar app and a calendar app for you to take along. I hope you will enjoy the whole process, it will give you something to think about, but here is what I did The app was created and updated by the designer, so this is a quick little tutorial, but it is much faster than that to implement than this. First, let’s try to understand how to set up the app. We can see that the default theme, in the home menu, is Rango. Then, add the following lines to the top of the app

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