Business Idea - 920

Business Idea – 920

Business Idea – 920

My business idea is for an app named “The Ultimate Guide to the Making of a Murderer.” I was working an assignment with a friend who wanted to build a new show about a guy who was shot to death in a car accident and then went to prison and got out of there. It’s a pretty simple process and I have a lot of stuff on hand. It was really fun and I’m really proud of it. The first thing I was like, “Okay, I think we should get it together,” which was sort of a big idea. I think for the best of me, it actually worked really well. We’ve been on the show for three years now because we’ve built a little bit of a base and then we’ve got some really cool ideas going in. But this is definitely the place to start. It’s such a really big idea. We’re really excited about it because, you know, it sounds like something I’d be totally thrilled to do on the show. There’s not a lot of pressure to do it. We’re all super-connected.

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