Business Idea - 916

Business Idea – 916

Business Idea – 916

BR>My business idea is “Garden” it has got to be a thing of beauty or something,” a friend told me. “Every time I walk into an organic farmer’s market, my head fills with joy and curiosity, and I’m a bit of a weirdo. I remember going to the stores at the top and seeing the farmer’s signs with our names on them. The man was so friendly, and told me that he’d had the best food, the best growler, and the best seedlings in 10 years. And he said, ‘It’s time to make it a reality.’ And I thought, I can make it a place where that’s what you want to do.'” Then, this week, I saw a similar thought to mine. I was standing in line at a Whole Foods store and saw this woman talking about how she had gotten the green light to grow her own tomatoes this year. I was looking up at my watch. I had a few more years, and I could do that. Then I felt a kind of joy and energy. I’d like to think that I was dreaming, that I was a kind of…

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