Business Idea - 913

Business Idea – 913

Business Idea – 913

My business idea is “Stargate Tactics”. Stargatology is the next step in how I want to sell my games and how and where to start. I’ve already seen how to make a game with a strategy engine (I also use a combination of C++, Objective-C, C# and Lua) but I wanted to build one that was based on game engine design. I started by building a game that was based on “Stargate Tactics” – a game about flying fighters. You’re flying around the entire world with little guns and rockets. If your enemy is flying at 200km or less, the enemy would land in the middle of the map to stop your flight and give some cover. The only exceptions are when you need to leave a large area but, if your enemy is flying at 100km, they will stop your flight and give cover. Once you’ve finished building the game, you’ll see a button that says ‘Start a game. Then, when I think you get on your own, you’ll see the game with my engine of the game, but you’ll still get the…

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