Business Idea - 910

Business Idea – 910

Business Idea – 910

My business idea is ‘Kiwi Swamiji.’ I wanted it to have the name of a Japanese brand that has a huge presence in the South Asian market which may make it a little more expensive for the company to make. I asked my friend and mentor (who was a bit older) who owned the Japanese brand to design the prototype and to send it off to various agencies to make sure that they knew what kind of materials they were going to need. The problem was that I had no idea what that would look like yet. I was just about done with the sketch design and I thought maybe my ideas might have something practical and fun that I could use to make some more money off of them. So at the end of the day we made that prototype. I put it online and when I got back to the drawing board with the team (like you do) we realized we were actually going to be making a giant version of the prototype and we had to put our mind to it.

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