Business Idea - 906

Business Idea – 906

Business Idea – 906

My business idea is for a retail store named The Lazy Dog Inn. I’m not exactly up to the job, but my friend and I have been doing a lot of cool stuff here at the Lazy Dog Inn since we were in high school. We’re working with a developer called Mike to design a new retail space, in addition to being the sole developer on our first game. And our project has turned out to be really good as you can see in the picture above, we’ve been building up the bar, the bar area, and more! The concept is to create a big store with all of our favorite toys, a great deal of cool merchandise, and a great place to find what you’re looking for! Every square foot of space in the space will have to be designed in a way that will allow our customers to pick something up from your cart, to pick up from your place of work, or to just hang there. We’re hoping to incorporate these elements into our store, starting with a small bar area for our customers to get their hands on and take out of their bags. I’m looking for great artists to help us make this new space the…

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