Business Idea - 888

Business Idea – 888

Business Idea – 888

My business idea is “Hoover.” You might remember it. The company is called Hoover, or in Hebrew, it’s Houdini. So, if you’re about to get into a business where you’re going to earn money you’ll need to create all kinds of amazing stuff. You’re going to need to make things that are incredibly popular among your customers, not only on a website like Reddit, but on a website called Hoover, the best site where you can get free stuff on any website out there. And now, you may be wondering, “how have I ever had anything better?” Well, I’ve had everything that I could think of. I’ve had a lot of money that I really want to spend. But I’ve never had anything that is going to be as good, or as bad, as what Hoover has. The company was founded on a simple premise. You’re an investor, or you’re a client, you’re a programmer, if you will, that just makes things happen. And you invest your money. This is a great idea, you know?

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