Business Idea - 880

Business Idea – 880

Business Idea – 880

My business idea is “Wormhole”. It is the first time I have ever created a wormhole and I know its an insanely exciting thing to try out. And if you are not familiar with wormhole design, you probably are unaware of my name. I was once a small business owner in a small town called “Greensboro, NC”. All my friends and my business partners came to my town for lunch every day. Our business partner at that time, Jeff, started a wormhole project of his own called Wormhole. With his help we did a prototype and we now have a wormhole prototype out to show what it could be. I created a prototype of this wormhole called Wormhole 2, which looks and feels like it is in the shape of a wormhole with a dome on it. We built on this concept and the concept became our wormhole. I am talking about how it would be a great idea if you had such a large, rotating, dome-like wormhole to create a little bit of a space.

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