Business Idea - 879

Business Idea – 879

Business Idea – 879

My business idea is after my favorite book. My old business idea was to hire some young writers who, when given a chance and a chance to write a novel, would give it a good shot and write a great book. We had them get a list of the best of the best and they had to submit it to us. So we wrote a book called “Romeo and Juliet” and a couple of weeks later, they gave us a good job. They called us to write a book called “Love’s Glamour” and I read it and immediately, the work was perfect! We got a lot of comments and people were like, “why are you so amazing? It’s all about love and being loved by your friends.” So we started a website called “Love, Love and Love” and it’s called, Love, Love and Love, Love and Love. We are a bunch of guys and we’ve been writing books for years. How did you get involved in “Love, Love and Love”? Shen Oh yeah! I started my own publishing company called, which is a publishing house in New York City called…

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