Business Idea - 876

Business Idea – 876

Business Idea – 876

My business idea is “Yeast” (I thought it was an idea about how you could create your own craft brewery). I started looking for a way to develop sustainable products as we expanded into our beer business. So I took a look at what I had created and got creative. I got really excited about this idea because it was an early prototype and it had many cool concepts that I wanted to try out. The Yeast business model Yeast is my company. We are a multi-billion dollar brewing company but we are based in the Midwest and our brewery is based in Milwaukee, WI. Why would you make something like a brewery based in Milwaukee? We have a lot of different things we want to make. We are really focused on developing and building out our beer business using the best ingredients possible. One of the biggest challenges we face is the environment of our brewery. Our beer production takes a lot more time than your average brewery and the local community has to grow their own beer production. So we can use much bigger, better equipment to produce a lot of our beer…

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