Business Idea - 875

Business Idea – 875

Business Idea – 875

My business idea is for a website named “The Book of Mormon.” This new book is the only one that I have a website for. It’s just one word in the book, a blog with a lot of amazing content, and the goal is to connect people directly with other people, and to have a message of encouragement and love for the Book of Mormon with all of their readers. The goal is to create as much online content as possible, with a wide range of topics covered, and with the goal of creating as many as six articles by one person per month, and with a broad range of other things coming from across the internet. As I began to explore the book, I started to realize that many of the articles are extremely long, and the content is often quite complex and confusing. I wanted to try putting together a complete website with the information I was going to use and how the content would look different than a website, to make sure I could find the right balance. A couple things to note about this website It will only be available from the US through the US and Canada, while it will be available for international…

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