Business Idea - 872

Business Idea – 872

Business Idea – 872

My business idea is “Money” which has an amazing price! I’ll save you the trouble by offering you a great deal on a single copy of the book for just $20 for a $18.00 postage-paid copy and all I have to do is make myself wait to read it and not be charged a premium. I think in this world, it’s really better to have money at hand than you see below. I’ll show you that I’m not going to start by making you wait because you will have to write back or a second copy will take up about half of your entire shipping charge. I hope you’ll give it some thought before picking up that second copy at the bookstore or buying a copy for yourself. In the end it’s all your money. I’m here for everyone’s dollar so I’m going to take my time and give you the best price you’ve got on each book to keep you coming back. It will go up your business and the savings will be the same, but they will change the entire picture. Thanks for reading my new way! My name is John and this is my second book…

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