Business Idea - 864

Business Idea – 864

Business Idea – 864

My business idea is for an app named “Escape Artist”. It features the ability to take a screenshot of all my content to save them to my file and they can be saved by going into the menu “Share or Upload” and pressing ‘Save Selected App’.” (Thanks, Mike!) Escape Artist (Escape Artist) uses your favorite apps to get it up and running faster. I use it on my iPad (which is a pretty small device) for 2-3 hours per day (as for my iPad, it is a 3.5? version). Now, it’s a great way to do some quick things, right? (If I’m getting bored with my iPad, I just like to get it up and running fast.) Well, there’s one downside. There was some serious technical problems with my app before I started, so I had to make some tweaks. Also, a lot of things seem to be missing with Escape Artist, including any background noise, and more! So, be warned. It’s not yet ready to be integrated, but that is a real plus for your app! In other news, I released the first…

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