Business Idea - 842

Business Idea – 842

Business Idea – 842

My business idea is DIVISION. Here’s what it is DIVISION was started in 2001 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a new business model that could give consumers the experience of choosing the best health care plan in the country. They were inspired to make it happen with a combination of innovations, and they are going one step further by moving their products to the web. For you, the web will be your source of information on your health care plans and your options for treatment DIVISION is a premium plan where all people who plan, buy and pay for the health care plan can benefit from affordable and well-paying coverage across the four primary sub-schemes. The plan provides an opportunity to buy premium care from a health care provider, and has many benefits such as reduced out-of-pocket costs and lower deductibles. The plan is part of the plan’s offering, and will be available to all Americans for less than $2,500 for a year! You can find more information about the DIVISION plan here at www.division.

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