Business Idea - 839

Business Idea – 839

Business Idea – 839

My business idea is My Life. It’s not all roses and love and a great story about being a beautiful and successful American and living the American dream. There’s a lot of great stuff going on with this little startup called my Life and it’s a little bit funny. When you started, you wanted to make the people who come over here for free something fun for them. Do they like that, or do they just want to stay where they are. It just sort of happened after a couple weeks of being here. I’ve done some pretty big things, and there’s a lot of great work going on in the industry, but what makes that idea unique is the amazing relationship we have with the people I’m talking to in my life, and the incredible work I’ve done over the last year or two with The World’s Most Beautiful Women What made you decide to launch your first business, was it easy to do or were you just frustrated with the delays and the lack of competition?

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