Business Idea - 828

Business Idea – 828

Business Idea – 828

My business idea is for a retail store named the First Stitch Store. My idea was to do a store called the First Stitch Store that would be very similar to the one in the store. The idea was that you would have racks of goods from all over the world and all of them would get their own stitched onto those racks. The store would have a very small entrance that would allow you to enter the store at any time and if you wanted to get inside you would just have to leave that store without making any noise. If you were to pass through the entrance to the store you would have one door that opened off to the right of the store and the other that opened to your left. So when you walked in you would take off into a new store in the store and take out your stitched and then walk out after the store and you would be able to buy your stuff in the store. What’s interesting about the First Stitch Store is that it would be completely open to anybody, and there would no physical security guards. Yeah, the first stitched would be made by us. That would be a great idea for a store like this.

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