Business Idea - 822

Business Idea – 822

Business Idea – 822

My business idea is for an app named Belly Belly. Belly Belly is a new website for businesses seeking to get their name out there, and to raise money to create new businesses. The name, or more accurately, the name of my new get-rich-quick app, is a clever way of making money that you can share with your friends and family and friends and people around the globe. In fact, Belly Belly can be named in a very clever way, because it allows you to generate a pretty nice name for the brand of your business. The idea behind this app was simple give out freebies to your friends and have them write an awesome name, based on a combination of a lot of photos and some numbers of clicks. That’s right, no more having to choose just 100 people to create a brand, or even 300 when the number is so high. The process took about three weeks, and once your idea is launched, you can send it to your friends and other potential customers, just like you do with any other website. By the way, this service is coming to Android soon!

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