Business Idea - 815

Business Idea – 815

Business Idea – 815

My business idea is for a retail store named Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom came about, as I recall, from the very same company that made all of the Disney World merchandising. I had been working at Disney for a little bit, and then I joined the Magic Kingdom team, which was a bit of a disappointment. But I wanted to work with a good partner for a while and see how well we could come together, and they did. And I found out that Magic Kingdom is, in fact, part of the Magic Kingdom. We’re going through renovations, we have a new store that’s open, we’ve got some new equipment and a new way to get things done. We had some really great partners that were really, really supportive and you know, they asked me about what I was doing, and I was like, “Okay. Let me try to be a partner with a good partner.” So it’s really exciting to be part of that creative process. It’s such a great place to be and a great destination for fans coming over to get their hands on a product. The way the design of the hotel and the architecture are so unique…

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