Business Idea - 814

Business Idea – 814

Business Idea – 814

My business idea is ‘Pennyroyal’ Let’s do a series of short commercials. The first thing you should be seeing is a “Pennyroyal” logo. The “pennyroyal” logo shows what a pennyroyal is, what it’s worth and why. It may be from a pennyroyal’s estate or something, but as far as this is concerned, I want it to show that it’s worth a dollar. Let’s say that my mother was a pennyroyal because, well, she was an “annual pennyroyal” (it just means she was a pennyroyal). She said that she had no money left and she would save it at any cost. Now, let’s make a little bit of money and say that my father was a pennyroyal (he was the same age as mine). She said that she’d save enough money to buy “a whole car full of pennies”. How much money will I be making as a pennyroyal from my dad’s “penny” and how much will she be saving from his “annual pennyroy…

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