Business Idea - 813

Business Idea – 813

Business Idea – 813

My business idea is Recharge. I started it with just $5 a minute but I’ve taken it to a whole new level and am now working full-time with my clients to make this happen. Recharge offers fast charging with no fees. It was created in the past year to offer faster charging without any setup costs. Our customers are the fastest charging customers in the world. If you are wondering why so many of your customers pay less, it is because we have the solution. You can make every transaction using REBOUND and then you pay an exclusive price. No one will ever think you are buying something from us. You can create thousands of unique orders every day. We have over 300 of them. If you make 3 orders each day, you can create up to 4 orders if you are making 10 orders, and you will add up to 100 orders a day. Recharge is easy to learn, easy to make, and it is fast charging fast.

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