Business Idea - 812

Business Idea – 812

Business Idea – 812

My business idea is for an app named Fuse! For starters, let me show you that’s what the app does! What will the app do? It will let you control your device’s volume, display a clock icon, and even set timers, time, and more. Let’s get started How will I make it work, and how will it be great? Fuse will let you control your device’s volume and display a clock icon on all your apps. It’s like a simple program, but with a twist you can also control your device by pressing the button below. Why does this matter? You can control the volume of any app you have. If you have more than one app, you can also set the volume to a specific time (usually from 10 minutes to 9 hours) by using the volume key at the top of the app. I think I’ve got this app! How do I set it up? To get started with the app installation, open up your phone, swipe down, and choose “Start”. To check the box where you’re on the device that is set to volume control…

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