Business Idea - 809

Business Idea – 809

Business Idea – 809

My business idea is for an app named The Bunch of the Bunch, a lot like my first idea. When we were creating it, I wanted something to keep people around if they were bored. I had so much fun with this idea. I wanted people to be able to browse the website, but I wanted to create something that was more like a library app. And when we created this new system, we tried to make it as intuitive as possible. When we started work on the idea for the Bunch, we had a bunch of people that were passionate about it. We had great experiences with our core user base. Some of the people we had as our main product partners. The most important thing was having a clear roadmap of how to deliver this to market. Then in October of 2014, we decided to try our hand at a different kind of feature. The Bunch allows you to browse around your email inbox. By starting a Google Hangout with no interaction with your contact, you get to stay in touch with your personal contacts and get to know other users. This is where most people come in. We knew this was a huge hit…

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