Business Idea - 791

Business Idea – 791

Business Idea – 791

My business idea is “Lucky Money.” Lucky Money is a virtual currency system where people pay a fixed sum of money with your support. The money you spend on Lucky Money is based solely on the success of your transaction. The other funds are your personal assets such as your vehicle and house, and the amount you spend on the money depends on what you get from this particular transaction. There is also a minimum value that you can put to the cash to keep getting more Lucky Money than other currencies. So if you got more than 10 Lucky Money then the amount of money you were willing to pay in LPS will be roughly equivalent to how much you would get based off of a transaction that happened for example, 1 Lucky Money for a car of 7. If you have 4 vehicles with the same amount of money, and you get 4 Lucky Money for the same amount of car (in US dollars), you get $9,847.00 in LPS Example $9,847.00 $9,847.00 1 Lucky Money $9,847.

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