Business Idea - 785

Business Idea – 785

Business Idea – 785

My business idea is “Maggie Mae”. Maggie Mae is a $400 Million $200 Million company with $30 Million in debt and I have to make $5.00 worth of money to fund my family of four. This is a big step in my life. I will never do this again because I have been through this. MY LAND MY HOME MY HARDWARE My HOME MY WORKSHOP My HOME AND MY WORKSHOP I am a small, healthy business owner. I have been through the most challenging years of my life. I love to work with my clients, keep their busy lives going, and make money. I am not married (no one is interested in my business), and do not have a family. I do have a very good schedule, and I have three children. My goal is to have the highest quality of life for my family. My family has worked for many years to support me through bankruptcy.

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