Business Idea - 784

Business Idea – 784

Business Idea – 784

My business idea is “Cream of the Sea”. I’m making a large tank of water called “The Sea”. It’ll have two people. It will float up to 80,000 feet. The idea is to start with 400 people, and if you have one or two guys who want it, you can go and buy the entire thing. They can call me and say, “I want to have the whole thing. I wanna have the whole thing. What can you do for this?” And I say, “Well, I’m gonna rent this for you, you can do this for me, and you can set up in a different space. You can change the size and shape of the water, but I will call you and say, “Hey, this is my new business idea”. And that’s when I realized, the idea is that I’m not gonna have to pay any taxes at all. So, I’ll sell it for $2,000 in a couple of days, I can pay my taxes for free.

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