Business Idea - 781

Business Idea – 781

Business Idea – 781

My business idea is “Cobra’s.” The name actually came from the ’70s comic book series Cobra and the Heart, which was a comic strip about a super villain who was trying to save the world. It’s called Cobra and the Heart. It’s about Cobra and the Heart. We’re doing it now and you’re a little bit like, oh boy, why not? We’re gonna make a movie about the idea. Well, you’re gonna take the idea and I’m gonna build a Cobra and I’m gonna buy you a Cobra and you’re gonna buy a Cobra. I need your help, you’re gonna buy that. Well, I got your help. So I came up with that idea and it’s great and it’s super cool and it’s a comic book, it’s called the Cobras and the Heart. I’m gonna do “Cobra + Heart,” and I’m gonna write a novel about the Cobras and the Heart. That is the word we’re going to use here. And there’s this guy named John.

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