Business Idea - 776

Business Idea – 776

Business Idea – 776

My business idea is The Daily News. I had a business idea of one thing that I wanted to do that would make the world a better place on the internet, that would take people’s lives in a way that they would probably never think of, but it would make it safe to do that. I wanted people to believe that these people are doing things they like about their life. And I started doing this idea and I think it helped me build up the business that I needed to run. So I created a company called Daily News, which is a digital news platform where you can send people their stories, which I used to actually do for a while, and if you check out my website you can find hundreds of new stories about the same subject. Because that was my business idea. And if you look at my website you can see me doing a lot of things with my website. I have a pretty big community of people that are in different corners of the internet that I use like to do a bunch of news things. But I have been doing it for a while and it’s getting stronger.

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