Business Idea - 769

Business Idea – 769

Business Idea – 769

My business idea is the ‘Reality Game’. I was in the business back then and wanted to be a roleplayer and be doing real magic around there, but my job was to be a player and not have my own company. So, this new version of the game was called The Reality Game. So, you play a character played by a team of real people. They have a team at your school to be part of that team. This concept of playing, like this game did, is called “The Matrix”. So, this is essentially a game called “The Matrix”. It has all the world’s resources, all the world’s energy, all the game’s people. It’s about them and it’s about them. It has a sort of meta structure to it, about you and your teammates playing the game to see what the real world could look like. And in fact what the game does is it has everything you see and hear and what you read in magazines about the real world. That’s really what it was all about. You are actually not only playing, but you are in some reality and you are in a game of…

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