Business Idea - 756

Business Idea – 756

Business Idea – 756

My business idea is for an app named “Culture &amp Society,” which is designed to help you find more people from the outside world to join your friends or family. “Culture &amp Society has already attracted a lot of attention for the fact it is very inclusive and open to all,” says Michael Lichtman, director of the team. “It has made people into something they would want to be friends with.” “Our project is to make sure, whenever we can, that all of the people who come to us in the day are connected with the outside world and that every single person we speak to will share knowledge of how and why this is a successful technology for our community,” he explains. The social networking app gives users a way to share information and ideas, as well as the ability to see and comment on each other to “enjoy the many different things that are happening around your friends, family and life,” Lichtman says. “It’s a way to see where you are, where you are from or what sort of people you are, and for us to connect with all of these ideas and ideas that we’ve shared…

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