Business Idea - 751

Business Idea – 751

Business Idea – 751

My business idea is Gogo. Basically, Gogo is a mobile wallet where people can easily purchase bitcoin by filling out a simple form on the web. It’s designed to be useful if your wallet contains only one bitcoin. As an example, Gogo offers a “wallet for the public that is completely offline” service that allows people to buy and sell bitcoins by sending them over the Internet. The same goes for Bitcoin. (Also, I love the idea of decentralized decentralized apps.) Another idea Gogo offers is a simple wallet where users can buy and sell bitcoin without having to go through any transaction fees. Gogo works by simply sending a QR code for each bitcoin that is sent from a wallet, letting users choose from a range of options as they wish. One of the biggest challenges for Coinbase with Gogo is to create a decentralized smart contract for a given bitcoin. I think this is also where it comes down to the key points, though. The most important thing to understand is, if a bitcoin is not available, and there is no way to buy it, people will not use the blockchain. As my colleague James Stolzer (…

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