Business Idea - 733

Business Idea – 733

Business Idea – 733

My business idea is for a retail store named “Boys’ National Basketball Team” and I am going to tell you this so you can keep an eye out for our next big deal soon. With the NBA Draft over two years away, we are getting ready to present our new franchise for sale. Boys’ National Basketball Team Our new store, named, and will be located at the new site (next door to the old WNBA and WNBA stores near my hometown, Waco, Texas). We are very excited to begin this new opportunity. This is another opportunity for us to be at the forefront of developing and expanding our business. I would love to offer you both the chance to participate in the development of this brand and the opportunity to have a personal interaction with people that we can help out in the way we have. We want to give our fans the chance to create a new game, and to help build a new brand. We are very excited to have a few of our fans in attendance at this event, and especially the fan base who is very involved in this business. It means a lot to us, and…

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