Business Idea - 730

Business Idea – 730

Business Idea – 730

My business idea is “Bamboo Garden.” My idea is to make a big, beautiful bamboo house that is big enough to fit your needs within the span of 1 year. Bamboo garden is an amazing concept. You can just buy the idea inside a box of bamboo for $20, but I know that people love it, and you get to choose from some of the many great options. You also get to choose from a large range of trees with beautiful fruits. Each is an option, so you can pick from a variety of varieties to grow your own variety of plants! How I started my bamboo garden The first thing you probably get thinking about is just how much of it is going to grow within 10 year. This is because there are so many different kinds of bamboo we have to grow. Many different species of bamboo can grow on different sides of the house and you only have to choose between one kind and one kind of bamboo (a lot of bamboo will grow in one spot in your home!). After you’ve grown your bamboo garden, you have to decide if it should be your own (you…

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