Business Idea - 729

Business Idea – 729

Business Idea – 729

My business idea is an “alternative income tax.” It’s actually quite simple. You can save $1,000 a month by paying a flat rate on your 401(k) or IRA. That’s almost $4,000 of tax a year, or $1,100 an year. And you are also exempt from some state taxes if you pass a state-level business taxes, and if state income taxes are higher than the federal government’s, you are essentially going to pay a higher, state-level tax than if you pay a flat rate. That’s the most common alternative income tax proposal you can think of, and I actually believe it would lead to savings for everyone lower taxes on middle-class Americans and lower taxes on people working to become fully employed. If you are going to make a real-world, high impact change in the way wealth is distributed to the population in America, you want it to be based on a fair and equitable distribution of wealth. That’s just the way the American people have tried to change their minds by voting to have an alternative income tax. The point is that a tax on…

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