Business Idea - 709

Business Idea – 709

Business Idea – 709

My business idea is after my father’s brother. I’m a photographer who was raised by his mother, his sister, and her husband. When he was younger he worked at a small studio. In his early days my family worked at a small studio in the basement of a house, and in the basement of that tiny studio I got the idea of creating my own photography. I started drawing and photographing my family, my friends and my brothers. And in just a short amount of time I started starting a website called My Photography. I started selling some of my stuff at the local stores. I started making friends and selling stuff at the local fairgrounds. So for those that are unaware at first your website is a personal web site but you share your personal photography with people and you try to share ideas from your story with them. You want people to feel their feelings for you. You want your story to be seen and understood by everyone. Your family feels your story and so do your friends. I want you to have a sense of where you stand on your journey to creating something. You want your story to be understood by people and be understood…

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