Business Idea - 704

Business Idea – 704

Business Idea – 704

My business idea is for an app named YooCafe. YooCafe has been a lot of fun to work with, so I thought, the best way to get my ideas into a good state was to create a simple app that would work on Android and iOS but have some cool features like auto-loading the current screen resolution and a quick update of their current refresh rate. For some reason, my YooCafe app has a lot of interesting features but I ended up having to create my own. Here are some of my favorite features, like making an easy to use app for easy access. Auto-loading in the background We all have our own habits, so how could you not want to make an app that automates your life? YooCafe is an easy way to do this. We do it with the Auto-Load feature, which makes it easy to set this up in the background in your app. To access this you just swipe the little key on the left and go to Settings &gt About Now you’ll see a lot of options, such as auto-loading a certain screen resolution…

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