Business Idea - 701

Business Idea – 701

Business Idea – 701

My business idea is for a retail store named The Market. We’re a small, local place. It’s going to be a big little store, but it will be a place where you buy some goods and start talking about how you’re going to make something right. We have a lot of plans for what to do, and that’s fine, and there’s a lot of opportunities for creative thinking. It’s all about business. We’ll do two things for you. One is to hire people to run The Market. We’re a small boutique store, so we’ll be able to offer something that looks good and has a healthy community, and then go out on top of that, offering something that is just right. We’ll be able to be like Costco, but we’ll be able to sell it on the street in the same store for a very reasonable price. Our goal is to be the best in the business and the best in the business. We’ll be offering a little bit of everything right now, and the market is in its infancy, so what I’m looking for here is people that love shopping and they want to be the people that can change it…

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