Business Idea - 694

Business Idea – 694

Business Idea – 694

My business idea is The Laundromat. It was a little game called, “Loud Loud Lights”. My friend, Steve, who played with me on my Atari Lynx, wanted to have some crazy things in the world built in his house with a small house-sized projector. He’d designed a little light-toting thing called the A-Meter. It had two lights inside, one with a little yellow glow and one with a purple light. It was designed to be used at all times. The projector was about 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches, but you could do bigger lights too. There was a projector cover that had a picture of Steve’s office on the side. I’d just put on that picture. I was told that it was going to be built into the walls. I think that you could find that on a cheap ad. It was $30 dollars a piece. There were four of those projector covers in the world. Steve suggested that I go to the movie theater. It seemed like a fantastic idea. Steve’s idea was to build a set of lights. The projector was small, but at…

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