Business Idea - 683

Business Idea – 683

Business Idea – 683

My business idea is for an app named Paypal. It’s really like this. You can get your hands on a couple of Bitcoins worth $5 each. I like these Bitcoins as the next best option, so pay them for me in Bitcoins. I will start by explaining why this is not working. First of all, I think that Paypal seems not to support the basic Bitcoin concept of escrow. When I first heard about the bitcoin-like technology I immediately thought that something called escrow might be useful. For people like me who do not care about cryptocurrency, this kind of thing might be a good tool to be used. Secondly, this might be too short, or too complex to make sense to make sense to use when you have just one or two people working on the system to pay each other. Either way, I think Paypal would be a better and better fit for Bitcoin and the new payment system. Finally, Paypal is very simple.

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