Business Idea - 678

Business Idea – 678

Business Idea – 678

My business idea is for an app named ‘Panda Tycoon’. It is a game where you have to save yourself from getting caught in your own jungle using your imagination as you play. You take the player character in the game and build a pyramid and it will allow you to survive through wild weather and wild wildlife. You use your imaginations to build your new pyramid. You play through a series of gameplay tricks designed to help you make sense of the jungle. There are different strategies such as building a giant pyramid, building your own army to cover the area from all sides and the use of some of the game’s more ingenious traps. Some of the more advanced strategies are based around using a computer to do some clever things. For example, a computer can use your imagination to generate patterns such as turning your head, throwing your arms, and making the world look like you are a dinosaur. The game also has an interesting twist you can change in the game’s game menu which could be used to control your own character. The gameplay itself is simple and simple.

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