Business Idea - 676

Business Idea – 676

Business Idea – 676

BR>My business idea is for an app named “The Riddler”. You can see here how to install it. First let me say that this is a great app. You could have a simple project where you will be able to build your own database using the API and let your people use their favorite databases as they want without having to build your own database yourself. However, you will also need to pay a premium for the app. There is no way to get started without them – so I have set up an API fee that will be used when you download it. First, first I will create a new project using the Riddler API. You can use a regular project where you will have to submit something and then there is only one to check. This will be done by using the API for one of the apps that have their own API. But once the project is complete you can then create and submit a new entry in the project that looks like this Now I want to have a project where I can do this as I only have a single API. I will build my own database from this. Then I will need to get the…

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