Business Idea - 666

Business Idea – 666

Business Idea – 666

My business idea is, “The One Biggie”. I am a big fan of the brand and have heard a lot of great things about how the brands work. The idea is to build a company that takes care of the biggest brands and has a focus on the people that they support, not just the people that are struggling with a big name. The idea is to build a team (or at least a great group of “people”), and give them the tools and the knowledge that they need to be successful. I am currently working on my first website, As a result. I think its a really cool idea because it could potentially bring more people to the platform (and the power of it), but also the brand. I am starting with just a small team of about 40 or 50 people in a small town in California. But it is probably not going to last long because it is too expensive and very big and needs to be built over time. I always liked to have a focus on our brand and to be a part of that. But also to be a part of the success, a part…

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