Business Idea - 660

Business Idea – 660

Business Idea – 660

My business idea is for an app named ‘Practical Laundry!’ I’ve been working with several different designers here at the same time and have had great success with both of them. The main goal is to make something that’s easy to use and quick to navigate and share with friends and family. This is my own app, but my partner, David, had also been working on a similar concept but with a more sophisticated interface. We’ve been hanging out constantly and I’m excited to share this new idea with you. It’s great to see many of you are excited to see it on your own. It’s a simple concept with a lot of options. You can add an item to an activity, share it on your own blog, or just send a screenshot. There are also other different ways to share something that is fun to look at. It’s a little bit more complicated than it sounds when you think about it but it’s a very fun project that has lots of options as well. Practical Laundry is the perfect starting point for your new app. It has a simple interface with no complicated controls and a great learning curve.

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