Business Idea - 648

Business Idea – 648

Business Idea – 648

My business idea is for an app named Zones. It takes the idea of how to create a few app pages with the most popular websites in Google’s search results by creating a list of some of the biggest ones, and it starts building a little list of the top 10 sites. Now what? You’ve read that I’ve made this stuff. Here’s how you use it 1. You create a new ‘page’ for the list and set it up a bit based on where you want to see it. This is where we really start with the list. All of your data is contained in the list that we’re passing it over, as you’ll see below. What happens if you choose a different site than the one we’re sharing to the list? It goes back to the first page, and the first page of its list is the new list. This is good for any web developer who wants to share data or look at some data in the database. But this should only work if you’re sharing it with the Google search engine. The question here is that if you’re not really using the list…

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