Business Idea - 641

Business Idea – 641

Business Idea – 641

My business idea is for a website named “Buffy and the Brain” – which is the best way to communicate with people about “Buffy and the Brain” and what it is like to watch your friends and family interact with you on a daily basis. I’ll be blogging about this story shortly, so please feel free to check out all the links to my website and see what I can do with it. (Click to enlarge) I also want to thank everyone for their support of this blog and for providing them with information about how we can use them. I’m just posting this because I think it’s a great way for our audience to learn more about us and get to know each other. Thanks so much all, and remember we all love you. P.S. I just wanted to let all of your readers know that I will be hosting some more articles about this project on my blog! You’ll be able to look up some of my other stuff here, as well. Also, since I did not want you to be able to read all of it, here’s a link to the other two episodes of the series..

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