Business Idea - 637

Business Idea – 637

Business Idea – 637

My business idea is for an app named EasyBitCoal, which is a $40 million online casino venture. EasyBitCoal is a digital currency that will allow people with less wealth to buy products such as real estate. “We do these things so you should have less money, which is a bad thing,” said Stephen Miller, a vice president with Apple’s digital currency business. “The other thing is that people should pay attention to how they’re buying it,” Miller said. “The more money you have on your card, the more likely you are to buy something. You can do that at lower prices if you like and that will be more beneficial to you.” Apple is expected to announce the launch in late March with the launch of its first app at the Wall Street Journal in a digital version of Apple’s new Mac app store. Miller also said the new Apple Watch sports an infrared camera that will give Apple Watch users the ability to see in real time a person’s face.

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