Business Idea - 618

Business Idea – 618

Business Idea – 618

My business idea is for a retail store named “Zoo Place.” I know that some of you may know it as Zootopia but I’m sure you’ve heard it already. It’s been a busy week of exciting new things that are happening here at Zootopia, but one thing I am really excited about right now is the chance to bring Zootopia to the kids. I love the kids, and I am excited to come up with new ways to get kids there and make them love the city. I am sure you know there are several zoos on the city center, but I’m hoping that zoos will be part of the Zootopia culture. And I have plans to open these zoos around Disneyland World just for the kids. I am very excited about getting the kids to share their own adventures with the kids because I want to do that with the adults. I love the place! It is an impressive place, and not only because that is what we want it to be, it is also a place where the kids can learn to play. It is also the kind of place that our children really want to play. It is really a great space…

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